ACES ORIGINAL Pga Tour Recap Vol 1

Patrick Reed lives up to "his" expectation and takes down the 2018 US Masters at Augusta National Golf Club. There is a lot to take away from this championship.

Once again a right to left ball flight remains successful at Augusta. The top 10 Sunday afternoon all prove this once again. Patrick Reed, Fowler, Spieth, Rahm, Smith, Watson (does whatever he chooses), Stenson, Mcilroy, Lieshman and Finau all move the ball right to left as their stock shot. I think looking down the past champions we also must note that we need to go to the early 50's to find a champion that faded the ball, with the exception of Mike Wier and Bubba who are left handed. 

Patrick Reeds victory has not been taken well by the social media world. It intrigues me that Patrick cops so much flack. Is he outspoken? YES. Is he the traditional athlete build we see these days? NO. Has he had any off the course incidents? NO. Is he patriotic? Absolutely. Maybe it's all his outspoken antics, his brash confidence? Though we need to remember the guy is 27 years old and has won 6 times on the biggest tour in the world the US PGA TOUR. Doesn't this mean he is a superstar? Connor McGregor was brash, confident, outspoken and is one of the most celebrated athletes of our generation. Is this because the sports don't resemble each other? One involves violence? One is steeped in tradition. Maybe, this is why. Anyway I think Patrick has done a incredible thing through 50% golf and 50% his mind. He respects his peers though honestly believes he is better than them. A similar mental approach to Tiger who again is received phenomenally by the public. Maybe Patrick doesn't deserve to voice this mentality as he isn't on Tigers victory pace. These are all things I think we should consider before we judge Patrick. 

That is ACES TAKEWAY from the first major of the year. I hope you enjoyed it and are gearing up for Vol 2 in the near future. Enjoy a 20% discount code for reading enter LOOKACE at the checkout at Written by Sam Burrell from ACES ORIGINAL.